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"Fantastic Captain, boat and crew"

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Reviewed August 6th, 2017 via Mobile by TommyTTom2003.

"Sea Witch is one of the most professional and reliable charters in Martha's Vineyard. They helped us plan the trip, locate the boat and even talked to our cab driver to make sure we arrived and didn't miss our sail. The ship is well equipped for a pleasant day on the water. We learned a lot about Martha's Vineyard and sailing in general from the Captain and crew. They're a great bunch of people who genuinely care for their passengers."

“Sea Witch -Sailing Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket”

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Reviewed August 5th, 2017 by Bunchee.

"If you want a unique way to spend time on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket , then sail the Sea Witch. Captain John is an experienced and professional captain who is eager to teach those aboard the sail boat all there is to know about sailing. His first mate

( alias wife) Susan is the hostess with the mostest. Susan can put any 5 star restaurant to shame! During our 5 days on the boat we were wined and dined . Although the weather did not cooperate for us, the Captain and Susan made sure we had a good time. There was plenty of time for us to learn about the laws of the seas and sailing .We ate, drank, relaxed to our heart's content. We started out as strangers and ended up as friends . Captain John and first mate Susan made sure that our accommodations were comfortable and all our expectations of the sail experience were met. Kudos to the Captain and First Mate !"

“Rompin', Stompin' Sail”

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Reviewed July 6th, 2017 via mobile by Alice W.

"My husband sailed these waters, learning to sail at the Vineyard Yacht club. This trip was in the 58' boat, handled by Captain John. Strong currents and strong winds dominated the trip; just what we wanted for a custom sail. The trips are determined by the winds of the day.
We had a great time, ended our day with great lobster rolls prepared by Susan.
Very professional company, remarkable boat.
Very special people to spend the day with."

“Great sail with very accommodating Captain!”

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Reviewed June 24th, 2017 via Mobile by Nurse0510.

"We decided to take an all day Sail from Martha's Vineyard with a family of 6 and an infant. Captain John and his wife were very accommodating of our requests and kept baby as a safety priority at all times! We loved how interactive he was with all of the guests and let us jump in to help out with whatever we wanted to! It was so much fun!
The weather wasn't quite cooperative so we had to be a little flexible with Mother Nature but taking the ferry to a more weather friendly marina was fairly easy. 
Sue helped us set up everything. We let her know where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to spend. If you let them know ahead of time where you want to go they will give you an itinerary so you know what to expect for timing, etc. 

Over all I loved this time on the boat! We will definitely be sailing with Captain John again! Thank you for a very memorable experience!"

"Great Day Sailing!"

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Reviewed October 2, 2016 by gwichct.

"Fantastic Fall day sail with Captain John and Susan out of Vineyard Haven! Captain John is a wonderful sailor. Susan prepared a great lunch, and makes the best cole slaw. They make a great team. We had a very fun afternoon sailing with them. I highly recommend the Sea Witch."

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